Shiva wants to know if you have any extra food. Not for her, you understand, it's for an art project. Forget about covering museums with sheets and all those other lame, half-hearted attempts at art. Shiva has devised an ambitious plan: to cover the ENTIRE PLANET in dog hair. As one of the most efficient conversion machines known to mankind, Shiva can convert dogfood into doghair with close to the theoretical Barkov efficiency. So please, feel free to donate to this worthy cause.

Shiva's favorite sport is racing up and down the riverbank, barking at another dog which is racing up and down the opposite riverbank barking at her. She likes to catch Digger's tennis ball, but the only time she has a chance is when it has been thrown right to her or into the river. She lumbers around on land much too slowly to beat Digger to the ball, but in the river she can outdistance him.

She dislikes German Shepards. This might be because one snuck up and bit her on the tail once, then ran away before she could bite it back. An English Sheepdog which lives nearby is her arch enemy, followed closely by a slinking, arch-backed, lip-curling Laborador Retriever of dubious breeding.

Vital statistics: Shiva is a purebred Leonberger born in Oftringen, Switzerland on September 14, 1988. She is very beautiful with a long, golden coat, tipped with black. She was the runt of her litter and weighs only 40 kg.

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Last updated March 18, 1999