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Game Development
Game design,
Java programming
Scott C. Pedigo
(the RangeMaster)
You be the judge of how much fun it is to play the game (once I finally get the first version released...).
Game animations Ben Clark The retro low-res on the animations is to speed up the downloading. Don't blame the artist.
Pro-wrestling attack consultant Forrest Clark Will probably inspire a monster in a future version of the game.

Development Tools
Java run-time environment Java Development Kit
(Java2 JDK 1.3)
Sun Microsystems http://www.sun.com
This is the standard.
Programming environment KawaPro Java Integrated Development Environment Version 5.0
Allaire Corp.
"Simple, yet powerful." You do the coding. The editor is helpful and doesn't get in your way. Inexpensive. Trial version available.

Useful Utilities
File transfer to/from website WS_FTP Pro, Version 6.6
John A. Junod, Ipswitch, Inc.
Award-winning tool. Both freeware and pro versions available.
Source archiving,
Extraction of source from Sun JAR files
WinZip, Version 8.0
Nico Mak Computing, Inc.
JAR support is a key feature here. Trial version available.

Web Site
Certificates Verisign Rip-off owner of rip-off Network Solutions. Follow the link...
Domain name registration Network Solutions
Premium prices. You can get a better deal from many web hosting services.
Web hosting service Apollo Hosting
Comprehensive features, including stuff you won't find elsewhere such as Java servlets.
Web hosting platform Red Hat Linux 5.0 running on
450 MHz Pentium servers
OS and servers obviously not the latest versions, but the network connection is fast.
Web server Apache 1.3 Free. Generally acclaimed as the best of the free web servers. What else, when you're running Linux?
Web site maintenance The RangeMaster OK, this isn't the slickest website you've ever seen. I'm trying.
Web page editing Macromedia Dreamweaver 4
Pricey, but provides excellent visual programming features and good site management. Leaves HTML code the way you formatted it. Trial version available.
Graphics Corel Draw 8.0
Pricey. Works greats, but requires some time to learn how to use it.

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