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You may play the RangeLaw applet on-line as much as you want for free (your connection costs notwithstanding). You may download a personal copy of the RangeLaw application (when it is later made available) and play it as much as you want for free.

There are no demo versions and no crippled versions. The only versions which will ever be made available are fully functional, full-featured versions.

RangeLaw is neither shareware nor freeware, although in the sense of not costing anything to play, it is similar to freeware. It may not be distributed without the explicit, written permission of the author. This prohibition includes, but is not limited to, inclusion in collections on CD-ROM, inclusion in on-line libraries, and copying it to other sites on the Internet.

The game may not be commercially exploited in any way without a written agreement signed by the author. This prohibition includes, but is not limited to, distributing the game itself; manufacturing, distributing, or selling any merchandise displaying the game logo or otherwise referencing the game; and publishing any advertising utilizing the game logo or otherwise referencing the game. It may not be exploited even in a not-for-profit way without the consent of the author, obtained either verbally, by email, or in writing. An example of the latter type of usage would be a club or school holding a RangeLaw tournament, and in such cases consent would normally be given.

Links to the RangeLaw Home Page may be freely placed on other web pages, regardless of whether these pages are private or commercial in nature. The links may be simple text or they may be icons supplied by the author for that purpose (when they are later made available). Except for the aforementioned icons, the RangeLaw site's web page components such as the background or wallpaper, buttons, graphic images, text, and HTML source code may not be copied, either for personal or commercial use.

The game, its source code, its Java bytecode, its documentation, artwork, logos, and its related web pages on this site are the intellectual property of the author.

All materials copyright (c) by the author. All rights reserved.

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