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RangeLaw is 99% pure Java. I would like to say that it's 100% pure Java, but Sun Microsystems might take exception to that. And I don't have an exception handler to protect me from their lawyers. You see, Sun has a nice logo for programs which are 100% pure Java. I support that concept. I have avoided using any non-standard 'extensions' from other companies. When a company offers extensions applicable only to its own platform or products, it undermines the 'write once, run anywhere' concept of Java. While claiming to be enhancing Java's performance, what the company is usually trying to do is subvert a language which threatens its vested interests. Microsoft is the main culprit in this regard, pushing extensions which work only with its Windows operating systems. In response, Sun has gone and shot itself in the foot. In order to qualify for the 100% pure Java logo, a program first has to be run through a checker. The checker is supplied by Sun for free. So far, so good. Then the program and the output from the checker, along with any accompanying explanations for warning messages generated by the checker, have to be submitted to an independent company for certification. This costs a whopping $1000. None of the money goes to Sun, it all goes to the independent company. But even so, Sun is responsible for setting things up this way. The logo may only be displayed with the exact program which was submitted and certified. The recipient is on the honor system in this matter. If the program is modified, it has to be recertified. For minor changes, recertification costs a mere $500. You can imagine what the RangeMaster thinks of this. Call out the posse!

My answer to the dilemma of wanting to support the pure Java concept without paying a small fortune for the privilege is to create my own logo - the "99% pure Java" logo, shown above. I can't show you theirs, but you can see it on Sun's Pure Java(TM) Home Page. I think mine looks nicer.

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