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Ha! You probably thought this would be where you would find support for the game. But nooooo... this is where YOU support ME, the game author.

I refuse to uglify the other RangeLaw pages with banner ads, which, in addition to being generally annoying due to their in-your-face nature, also slow down the page loading. But hey, I'd like to defray some of the hosting costs somehow. Because the more people play (and I do want them to play), the more I have to pay. That's right - bandwidth isn't free. The perverse thing about building a good website is that the owner gets penalized if it becomes too popular. That's why so many pages are crowded with ads. A penny here and a penny there for displaying an ad, a few cents more for the occasional click-through, it all adds up. The income scales up with the traffic, compensating for the additional hosting costs. Many sites are basically nothing but ads packed around some "aggregated content" which consists mostly of links to other sites. The only reason those sites exist is to serve up as many ads as possible. There's a lot of web pages without any original content chasing the same advertising dollars.

This is a site with original content. It has a purpose outside of making money with banner ads. But it does cost money to maintain. If you like the game, and if you like my policy of not cluttering up the rest of the site with ads, you can show your support by occasionally surfing to this page.

There are some products or services I'd be recommending anyway because I use them myself - like the web hosting service for this site. If you decide you would like to use them too, then I might as well get a commission. So if you're already going to order something from a company to which I have a link, why not surf to this page, and click through from here. I'd be obliged, partner.

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