Hiking Through the Aareschlucht
and Around the Reichenbach Falls

May 20, 2002

Scott's photos - click on photo to view larger image.

There aren't many captions yet, but don't worry,
I'll get around to adding more of my usual lewd remarks.


Somebody left the gate open
and look what got in.





Lida bites Paul's wiener.

Even more amazing,
Paul bites his own wiener.

Petra refuses to smile for the camera,
but I get her later, heh-heh...

Why is that man to the right
looking at us like that?


Many years ago, they put up this long defensive line of reinforced gigantic concrete blocks to keep out unwanted visitors.

...and he still got in!

How romantic. In fact, after this, they decided to go down their own way (now who has a dirty mind) and we didn't see them anymore.

Damn! They're right!
I do look like Chuck Norris
with this beard!

Stopping for refreshments above the falls,
we had a nice view of the mountains.
see also Rob's photos