Lucyna's Birthday Party
May 10, 2002

(actual birthday May 6)

Latent Tendencies?
After consuming enough alcohol to lose their inhibitions and let their latent tendencies come forth, Anais and Michelle start giving each other tongue.

What About Me?
...says Helga, I'd like a piece of that hot lesbo action!

What An Idea!
You can almost see the thoughts going through Michelle's head: 'Oh Yeah! A multi-national, inter-continental, U.S. / Canadian / Swedish 3-way lesbo wrestling match, with no holes bared!'

Let the Fun Begin...
Michelle dives to the matt, Anais makes a grab below the belt, and surprise guest Elizabeth tags in for Helga and prepares to kick ass, or whatever it is those pretty little polish dykes like to do.

Hey! There's a Camera!
Helga leaves, as her contract with Beate Uhse excludes any freelance porno productions.

Deep Throat or Tongue?
As they ogle the camera man, the girls get excited and invite him to join in, each expressing their desire in their own way. You can tell from this photo how they like (or, as the case may be, lick) it.

There were other people at the party and other stuff happening besides the hot lesbian sex, but of course these pictures are on Scott's site and it (e.g. the hot lesbian sex) is all he cares about, so what do you expect? If you want to see some other guests and what else went on, then check out the pictures on Tim's website.

If you want to download hi-res versions of the pictures (you know, to manipulate with your photo editor,
blow up, and print out on your laser printer to paste up for masturbatory purposes) then click here.