Page 1/2 Ski Vacation in Zermatt
December 15 to December 21, 2001

(otherwise known as Scott and Tim and Pauls' big adventure)
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The Town of Zermatt
Looking down from the restaurant at the middle station from approximately 2500m elevation; the town below is at 600m. In the far distance is the town of Täsch, the closest place to which a vistior can drive with an automobile.

The Hotel Dufour
Friendly service, nice rooms, good breakfast, but most importantly - for some person who shall remain nameless (but whose initials are PD) - the price is right. Sauna and pool available at no extra charge if you feel like walking a couple of blocks to a real luxury hotel.

The Matterhorn
The early morning sun shining on the east face. Our plan is to mount a giantic servo-controlled parabolic mirror on the sunny face in order to vaporize James Bond in the mandatory ski scene of his next movie.

Hanging By A Moment
No wait, that's a song by Lifehouse. I meant to say hanging by a piece of reapplied tape. The patched front door to the hotel lobby through which Tim put his hand - twice.

Keeping An Eye Out for Tim
The hotel just gives up on the idea of using cardboard as long as Tim is around.

There He Is!
After the repair. But how long will it last?

Tim Freezing
Why is this man freezing? Because it's about -17C and windy at the top the Klein Matterhorn Piste and he is waiting for everyone else to get ready. (OK, it's just Paul holding up the show).

A Closeup of Tim Freezing

The Middle Station
A view looking up the slope at the top of which Tim (and everyone else) is freezing. The gondola to the top of an adjacent run is in the foreground.

Tim and Paul
At last everyone is ready.

A Closeup of Tim and Paul
You can pretty well read Tim's mind: 'Can we get on with it!'

Tim Taking a Break
A well-deserved break in the restaurant at the middle station where it is NOT freezing.

Blackmail Photo
After a tiring day of skiing, a surreptious approach with the camera can be very handy for convincing somebody that is time to get his lazy bum out of bed and get ready for dinner.

Tim Ready to Eat
What the military calls a TRE. The vulture is no indication of the quality of the food. It was very good everywhere we went.

Paul Ready to Eat
Why is this man smiling? Because he's about to get his one meal of the day which didn't come from the hotel's breakfast buffet!
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