What is the purpose of the RangeLaw site?

This website takes its name from the game it was originally designed to host. It now serves diverse purposes, their only commonality being that they are connected to the hobbies or interests of the site owner.

What does the word RangeLaw mean?

That's something you have to figure out. What's in a name? It has a ring to it which brings to mind the american "old west", don't you think? As in, the law of the range. Only back in those days there wasn't any law in the traditional sense, Judge Roy Bean notwithstanding. Nevertheless, in the world of the game, RangeLaw is what controls your fate; it governs life and death.

The RangeLaw Contest!

The first person to answer the following question correctly* will win a prize, currently set at the computer game or console game of their choice** or a check for $US 100.

What is the origin of RangeLaw?    

*a brute force attack or hacking the website will result in disqualification
**must be a retail game I can order via the Internet costing $100 or less

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